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Kristin McGee

Throughout her career, Kristin has been a pioneer in making yoga more accessible. Kristin has starred in yoga DVD’s, has privately trained celebrities and has written books about the value of the yoga in everyday life. As a busy mom of three boys, Kristin strongly believes that just a few minutes of yoga a day can bring more balance and harmony to your life. Kristin’s classes will ground you, challenging you to focus on the moment and bring connection of back to your mind, body and breath.


THU DEC 13 7:15 AM Beg. Yoga Flow
THU DEC 13 8:30 AM Int. Power Yoga + Int. Power Yoga: Core
SUN DEC 16 9:30 AM Beg. Yoga Flow
SUN DEC 16 11:00 AM Int. Power Yoga: Quads
MON DEC 17 8:30 AM Int. Yoga Flow + Int. Yoga Flow: Arms
TUE DEC 18 7:00 PM Int. Yoga Flow: Hamstring Openers
WED DEC 19 5:30 PM Int. Yoga Flow + Int. Yoga Flow: Lower Body
THU DEC 20 7:00 AM Adv. Power Yoga
THU DEC 20 8:30 AM Beg. Yoga Flow + Beg. Yoga Flow: Hips