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Anna Greenberg

When Anna first turned to yoga, she felt a switch turn on inside of her. As she built a deeper connection with her mind and body, she began accomplishing things she never knew possible. Moved to share the transformative properties of the practice with others, Anna dove head first into yoga. Anna has crafted a unique teaching style that uses movement and music to help her Members connect to the same healing properties of yoga she experienced. Anna is a prominent teacher trainer, workshop leader and instructor in NYC.


WED AUG 21 5:30 PM Beg. Yoga Flow
THU AUG 22 5:30 PM Int. Yoga Flow + Relaxing Meditation
SAT AUG 24 9:30 AM Beg. Yoga Flow + Beg. Yoga Flow
MON AUG 26 8:30 AM Int. Yoga Flow