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Aditi Shah

To Aditi, yoga is a workout, a science and a worldview. Aditi was introduced to yoga by her parents, but it wasn’t until she moved to India after college and experienced career twists and turns, that Aditi realized the yoga mat is where she was always meant to be. Aditi has honed her history-rich, yet refreshingly modern teaching style while studying and practicing in India and NYC for over 10 years. Named one of NYC’s best instructors, she’s taught around the city and led exciting events like a 2000+ person class in Time Square broadcast on national television.


TUE APR 23 8:30 AM Beg. Yoga Flow + Restorative Yoga
WED APR 24 5:30 PM Beg. Yoga Flow + Empathy Meditation
THU APR 25 7:00 PM Pop Yoga Flow
SUN APR 28 11:00 AM Int. Power Yoga
MON APR 29 7:00 AM Int. Yoga Flow + Restorative Yoga
TUE APR 30 8:30 AM Beg. Yoga Flow + Calming Meditation