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Selena Samuela

Selena is a unique combination of an Italian upbringing and a Hawaiian state of mind. Raised in Italy in a family of professional soccer players, sports were a way of life. When she moved to Hawaii for college, she developed a passion for surfing and for the spiritual side of fitness. Relocating to NYC, she channeled this into a career training as an amateur boxer and teaching boxing. Selena brings an empowering energy to Peloton, teaching Members how to tap into themselves to unleash their power, and accomplish goals they never thought they could achieve. Learn more about Selena on her Peloton Facebook Page


SUN MAY 26 11:00 AM HRZ Bootcamp: Core
MON MAY 27 9:30 AM HRZ Power Run / Bodyweight Strength
TUE MAY 28 6:30 PM 90s Fun Run / Arms & Shoulders Strength
FRI MAY 31 7:00 AM Adv. Intervals Run