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Oliver Lee

Fitness has been a part of Oliver's life ever since he learned how to count while watching his dad do pushups at the gym. Oliver worked in London for five years as a personal trainer, and moved to New York City in 2016 to become a bootcamp instructor alongside fellow Peloton Tread instructors Rebecca Kennedy and Matty Maggiacomo. Oliver is a compassionate and charming instructor who connects Members at every stage of their fitness journey. In classes that are accessible and easy to follow, Oliver channels his own hard work and commitment into an empathetic approach to teaching. Whether you're pushing through challenges or celebrating a milestone, he'll be there! Learn more about Oliver on his Peloton Facebook Page.


TUE MAR 26 6:00 AM Adv. Intervals Run / Core Strength
WED MAR 27 7:00 AM Int. Bootcamp: Bodyweight / Arms & Shoulders Strength
THU MAR 28 6:30 PM Int. Run + Chest & Back