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Jess Sims

Jess has been an athlete and leader her whole life. As a 3-year captain of her college basketball team, she motivated others through her own actions, leading her to amazing places off the court. Jess began her professional career as a school teacher who fearlessly opened new schools in underserved neighborhoods in Boston and NYC. After years in academics, Jess realized she was missing her athletic roots, and decided to leave school teaching to go back to the subject she’s most passionate about: fitness.

Jess loves to learn, set big goals and turn doubt into fuel, which brought Jess to the Peloton Tread. Learn more about Jess on her Facebook Page.


MON MAR 25 8:00 AM Int. Bootcamp: Full Body / Glutes & Legs Strength
TUE MAR 26 7:00 AM Int. HIIT Run / Core Strength
THU MAR 28 5:30 PM Hip Hop Run