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Class Packs

1 Pack 1st Class Discount
Special offer for new customers.
Expires in 1 Month
1 Pack
Expires in 1 Month
5 Pack
Expires in 3 Months
10 Pack
Expires in 3 Months
20 Pack
Expires in 6 Months
30 Pack
Expires in 6 Months

Pelo Pass

Pelo Pass
Pelo Pass my be used at select times at Cycling and Tread Studio.

Monday - Friday 6A & 9:30A
Monday - Thursday 6AM & 7:30PM
Friday 6AM & 12P
Expires in 1 month

Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Membership
Contract Terms: This series renews automatically every month and includes 5 days of additional advance booking, 50% off items in the lounge, and 30% off in the Chelsea boutique. There is a $15 "No Show" fee that will be applied automatically.
$400.00 /month

Gift Cards

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