All times Eastern. Please be advised that when cancelling, to receive your ride credit back into your account, you must unreserve your seat at least 12 hours before the class start time.

Tue4.23 Wed4.24 Thu4.25 Fri4.26 Sat4.27 Sun4.28 Mon4.29
Intervals & Arms Ride Alex 7:00 AM 45 min
30 min Walk-In-Free Ride Alex 11:30 AM 30 min
90s Hip Hop Ride W Alex 8:00 AM 45 min
Low Impact Ride + Arms Toning Alex 4:30 PM 45 min
30 min Walk-In Free Alex 2:45 PM 30 min
Club Bangers Ride W Alex 5:00 PM 45 min
Hip Hop Ride F Alex 6:30 PM 45 min
Pop Ride Alex 8:30 PM 45 min