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Ben Alldis

Fitness has long-since been a part of Ben’s life. He trained as a regional track and field athlete, was on university rugby and football teams and spent mornings and weekends instructing cycle and strength & conditioning classes while working as a Private Equity Professional in the city. Now he’s one of our leading London Instructors and he brings his go-getting attitude to teach high-energy, mind and body focused Peloton workouts. “Every session is full of energy and will get you working at levels you never thought you could achieve.” Learn more about Ben on his Peloton Facebook Page.


THU JAN 23 6:30 PM 30 min Rock Ride
SAT JAN 25 9:00 AM 30 min Hip Hop Ride + 10 min Climb Ride
SAT JAN 25 1:00 PM 30 min 80s Rock Ride