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Emma Lovewell

Originally from Martha’s Vineyard, Emma moved to NYC to be a professional dancer, performing with artists including Bjork and the Rolling Stones. In addition to having her college degree in Chinese & Communication, Emma has been teaching indoor cycling for 4 years, and is also a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Her passion for teaching fitness comes from her love of music and movement. Learn more about Emma on her Peloton Facebook Page.


THU NOV 14 12:30 PM Walk-In-Free - Rock Ride
SUN NOV 17 5:15 PM Walk-In-Free - HIIT & Hills Ride
MON NOV 18 8:00 AM 90s Ride
WED NOV 20 5:30 PM Intervals & Arms Ride
WED NOV 20 7:30 PM 80s Ride
THU NOV 21 9:30 AM Intervals & Arms Ride
THU NOV 21 12:30 PM Walk-In-Free - Rock Ride