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Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint attended military school for 4 years in Lexington Missouri, where he fell in love with fitness and discipline. Alex started off his cycling career at Flywheel sports 5 years prior to joining the Peloton family, with Peloton’s production and bike technology leading him to make the switch. Using tools and knowledge from military school to drive his classes, Alex focuses on structure while pushing riders past their limit. His main goal for riders is to " Feel good, look good, do better.” Learn more about Alex on his Peloton Facebook Page.


SAT OCT 19 10:00 AM Club Bangers Ride
SAT OCT 19 4:30 PM Walk-In-Free - Hip Hop Ride
MON OCT 21 12:30 PM Walk-In-Free - HIIT Ride
MON OCT 21 6:30 PM Hip Hop Ride
TUE OCT 22 8:30 PM Pop Ride (Free)
WED OCT 23 8:00 AM Intervals & Arms Ride